The Homewood Research Institute (HRI) studies ways to improve care by refining existing practices, testing innovative approaches, and assessing alternative delivery systems.

HRI has a mission to improve the outcomes of mental health and addiction treatments by partnering to do research that enhances practice. HRI is focusing on addictions, post-traumatic stress disorder and evaluation studies, and its influence is present throughout Homewood Health, our primary research partner. Staff providing patient care work closely with research teams to support innovation and, just as importantly, the research teams are always working to get the best information and evidence into the hands of the staff supporting patients and clients directly. What we learn from this work will be shared broadly through strategic partnerships, policy, presentations and publications, to improve the lives of Canadians everywhere.

The HRI team is connected to a network of university research partners, including the Faculty of Health Sciences and the Department of Psychiatry and Behavioural Neurosciences at McMaster University and St. Joseph’s Healthcare Hamilton, and the Department of Psychiatry at Western University.

An independent Research Ethics Board oversees all research practices at HRI to ensure that our research meets the highest standards for ethics, sensitivity, inclusivity and respect.